Eating well means eating a wide variety of foods, in the right proportions, and taking on board the right amount of food and drink to reach and maintain a healthy body weight.

Please note, the information on this page is aimed at the general population. If you have special dietary needs or a medical condition you should ask your doctor or a registered dietitian for advice.

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Health eating factsheet

Adopting healthy habits

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Links to online resources for information and advice to help you eat a healthy, balanced diet

British Nutrition Foundation National

Charity providing information about healthy diets, weight management and nutrition. Website contains information on the latest research, webinars, blogs and recipes.

The Association of UK Dietitians

Professional body for dietitians in the UK the website also includes a “Your Health” section with useful information for the public including Food Fact Sheets giving expert nutrition advice for particular health conditions.

Bromley 0-19 Public Health Service

Useful guide for 19 years and under as to why weight matters with suggested actions you can take.

NHS Live Well Healthy Eating

NHS guide to healthy eating packed with tons of information and advice. Includes advice on healthy eating, weight loss, vegetarian and vegan diet and eating disorders. Tools include a calorie checker, a BMI healthy weight calculator, a food allergies self-assessment and a 12 week guide to weight loss.  Check also What counts to your 5 a day? 

Making healthy packed lunches

If you make a packed lunch for your child here's some quick, easy, healthier lunchbox ideas.

NHS Eat Well Plate

The NHS eat well plate is an easy to use guide to healthy eating.