1. How do I refer someone to use Bromley Well?

    Referring someone to Bromley Well is simple. Please download our referral and consent form from the Bromley Well website. Then send the completed form to spa@bromleywell.org.uk. Please send the form by secure email.

    Details of all of the above are on our website here: Make a Referral

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  2. How do I send a referral form to you by secure email?

    Our email address for referrals is spa@bromleywell.org.uk.

    If you’re sending the referral form from a personal email address such as @hotmail.co.uk you can give the form a password. Instructions are here. Send the form attached to an email and send a second email to spa@bromleywell.org.uk with the password in it.

    If you are a professional referring a client, your organisation may have encryption software such as Egress which you should use.

    If you work for the NHS and want to use an nhs.net email please call us on 0208 315 1850.

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  3. I’m a professional and have referred a client via your email address, spa@bromleywell.org.uk. However, I have been asked to check the form a second time?

    If we received your referral and it did not have the correct signatures, permissions, contact information or was unclear about what support was needed for a client, we would reply to your email asking for more information, which will prolong the referral.

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  4. Can I refer someone online?

    Currently we do not have the facilities to receive online referrals but are always looking for ways of improving the service so please watch this space.

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