2. Using Bromley Well services

  1. Who can use Bromley Well services?

    The majority of Bromley Well services are for people aged 18+ who live within the London Borough of Bromley.

    Exceptions to this are:

    • Young Carers Support Service which is for children and young people aged between 4 and 19 who live in the borough;
    • Support service for people with autism which is for people aged 16+ living in the borough.

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  2. Can I leave a message when I phone you?

    Messages cannot be left - please email us if you prefer not to wait  spa@bromleywell.org.uk

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  3. When will you get back to me about my query?

    We look at our email every working day and aim to respond within 5 working days.

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  4. When will you reply to my email?

    We look at our email every working day and aim to respond within 5 working days. However due to the number of people wanting our support this might be longer.

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  5. Can I use Bromley Well if I don’t live in the London Borough of Bromley but want to help someone who does?

    Yes if the person you are calling about is a resident of Bromley Borough and we have received their permission to discuss their issue with a third party such as yourself. Please use our referral form to indicate you have their consent.

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  6. Can I use Bromley Well if I live in Bromley borough but provide unpaid care for someone outside the borough?

    Yes, if the issue that you are phoning about is concerning you, the “carer”. If the issue is concerning a person living outside the borough then we would provide a telephone number of a service in their area for them to contact.

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  7. Can I use Bromley Well if I have been housed in another council area by Bromley Council?

    If you have been housed in another council area but still pay council tax to Bromley council you might be able to use Bromley Well services. However, it may be easier to use services closer to you and we would encourage you to do so.

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  8.  Do I have to pay for Bromley Well services?

    Most of Bromley Well Services are free.

    As of January 2020 the only exceptions are:-

    • To use the Handyperson service free of charge you need to be referred by a health or social care professional. If you want to use the service directly yourself, we charge £40 per hour and there may be an additional charge for parts. For further information please contact handy.person@bromleywell.org.uk 
    • There is also a charge for our Carer Respite Sitting Service, at present this is £17.50 per hour. For further information please contact sittingservice@bromleywell.org.uk

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  9. Are Bromley Well services means tested?

    No, Bromley Well services are not means tested. By means tested we mean provided on the basis of how much money you have.

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  10. What hours are Bromley Well Services Open?

    Our Single Point of Access service (SPA) which takes phone calls from the general public is open Monday - Saturday 9am-5pm. The number is Freephone 0808 278 7898. You can also email us any time spa@bromleywell.org.uk

    However, most other services within Bromley Well operate between 9am-5pm Monday–Friday only.

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  11. Can I walk in and see someone about my issue?

    To ensure we provide you with the best possible service all enquiries must in the first instance be directed to Bromley Well's Single Point of Access:  Freephone 0808 278 7898 or email spa@bromleywell.org.uk

    We have regular, scheduled sessions at various locations in the borough when people can drop in to see us. For the current drop-ins please take a look at our What’s On webpage

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  12. I’m outside or on public transport is it ok to call Bromley Well?

    Yes you can of course phone Bromley Well whenever you wish. However, we will be asking you confidential questions which you may not want other people to hear. Additionally, you may not want to disclose your issue with other members of the public/friends/family around.

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  13. I called 0808 278 7898 expecting to speak to Citizens Advice, why am I through to ‘Bromley Well’?

    You have dialled the right number.

    This number is the first point of contact for all Bromley Well services.  It is run by Citizens Advice Bromley.

    You can access information, advice and guidance on this number as well as all the other services provided by Bromley Well.

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  14. I called wanting to get an appointment with Citizens Advice, and I’m being asked lots of other questions?

    Citizens Advice Bromley is part of Bromley Well and we take information from you because Bromley Well provides many more services than just Citizens Advice, some of which might be helpful for you.

    With your agreement, we may refer you to more than one of our services. It could also be the case that an appointment with Citizens Advice is not necessary.

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  15. Why do you need all my personal information?

    In order to provide Bromley Well services we have to record personal information such as contact details and the nature of your issue. We only record what is necessary and never share your details with anyone else without your permission. More information about how we use your personal information can be found in our Privacy Policy.

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  16. What if Bromley Well can’t help me?

    We hope we can help but sometimes your issue is better dealt with by other organisations / services.

    We have extensive contacts with other local and national services which we can signpost you to.

    If we’re unable to help we will always try to point you towards an alternative.

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  17. I called hoping to get through to Bromley Council, would you be able to assist me?

    Bromley Well services help people maintain their health, wellbeing and independence. If you need to contact Bromley Council please redial 020 8464 3333 for Bromley Council Switch Board or use the online form on Bromley Council website

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