Bromley Well take home and settle service is for people being discharged from hospital wards, Clinical Decision Unit, Emergency Department or Urgent Care at Princess Royal University Hospital and the Frailty Unit at Orpington Hospital. 

If you need this service please ask your nurse / ward matron / occupational therapist or social worker.

Professionals: to refer someone please use the Bromley Well referral form available in your department.

The service operates 9am-9.30pm Monday to Friday and Public Holidays and 9am–5pm Saturday and Sunday.

Patient eligibility:

  • aged 50 years and over
  • live in the London Borough of Bromley
  • have no-one to assist them at the time of discharge
  • medically fit for discharge
  • able to walk independently (support of arm if required)
  • capable of being left safely at home on their own
  • must be able to travel safely in a car with a seat belt.

Please note: we are unable to support people who may be displaying challenging behaviour or who are in need of personal care unless separate provision is in place by care managers.

What's offered?

The service provides a friendly assistant to drive you home from hospital and to ensure you are:

  • Safely and comfortably settled into your own home
  • Provide you with reassurance and maybe a hot drink
  • Ensure you have collected your prescriptions
  • Ensure that you have basic food provisions
  • Provide information about services and help available to older people.

Resources for download:

Download icon Take Home and Settle service leaflet 2024.pdf



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