Up to 3 hours per week are available and the support provided is individually tailored to the needs of the person with dementia and those that care for them. 

The service may need to be paid for, in part or in full. However you may be eligible to access financial support funded by the London Borough of Bromley which means a financial assessment may be required.

To find out more

To find out more about the support being offered and whether you might be eligible please contact the Bromley Council's Care Management Team and ask to be referred to the service.

Contact Bromley Council Care Management Team

Telephone 020 8461 7777

Email them adultsocialcare@bromley.gov.uk

Or complete their Online Self Referral form: www.bromley.gov.uk/careassessment


Further support for people with dementia

If you or your loved one has a dementia diagnosis you can use the services of Bromley Dementia Hub.