Look after your mental wellbeing during COVID-19

Bromley Well is here to help you maintain your mental wellbeing during the coronavirus pandemic.

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  • Webchat service if you're struggling to use telephone help services or if you just want someone to listen! Text the word “HELPATHOME” to 07718 403574 if you'd like to get this help
  • Youtube Logo  10 minute Wellbeing tutorial videos.

2) "Combatting Isolation during Lockdown."  Here's the support pack (pdf)

1)  “Coping with Adjustments in Lockdown."  Here's the support pack (pdf)

Get in touch!

Call us on 0300 330 9039 or spa@bromleywell.org.uk or wellbeing@bromleywell.org.uk to register and find out more about any of the above.


   Coping with Life during Lockown: 2) Combatting Isolation

   Coping with Life during Lockdown: 2) Combatting Isolation Tutorial Support pack .pdf


   Coping with Life during Lockdown: 1) Adjustments in Lockdown

  Coping with Adjustments in Lockdown: 1)Tutorial Support pack .pdf

  COVID-19 Mental Wellbeing Information Pack May 2020 (.pdf)