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What is the Emergency Alert? 

Emergency Alerts is a UK government service that will warn you if there's a danger to life nearby. In an emergency, your mobile phone or tablet will receive an alert with advice about how to stay safe. 

Further information can be found here or search Google for 'emergency alert UK'.


What will it sound like? 
A siren-like bleep that will go for approximately 10-15 seconds, even if the phone is set to silent. If I am hard of hearing or visually impaired your phone may vibrate or give an audio message. 

What do I do when I see or hear it? 
You will not need to do anything during the test, just observe the message. If you see a similar message in the future, STOP what you are doing, take note of any instructions and FACT CHECK! 

Am I being monitored? 
Your phone number has not been given to the government and it does not need to know your location to send an alert. It is being transmitted across all 4G and 5G networks. 

How do I know if it is genuine? 
After the test, be mindful of future alerts as it is possible that scammers could use this to trick you.

FACT CHECK before doing anything and DO NOT automatically click or answer a call if it looks like its from the Government or Police. 

The alert will not replace other sources of news of information such as the radio or TV. If you are unable to check with a friend and family member then try to FACT CHECK for yourself when you see the alert. 

Can I turn it off completely? 
You can turn this off completely within your settings. Look for Emergency Alerts or within your notifications. 



Bromley Safeguarding Adults Board advise that the alert could impact survivors of domestic abuse who have another phone or are hiding their phone from the perpetrator. National charity Refuge have created a useful video to let survivors know how to turn the alert off on both Android phones and iPhones.