Bromley Well celebrates Autism Awareness Week with some great, free online events

What is Autism Awareness Week?

Autism Awareness Week, March 29th - April 4th, is an opportunity to celebrate and raise awareness of Autism. During this week many schools, work places or organisations will arrange events to teach people about Autism or to raise money for Autism charities. More information at the National Autistic Society website.

Join in online events with Bromley Well Autism Service

Monday March 29th:  Autism Awareness Week Day 1 * Featuring YouTuber IndieAndy

Tuesday March 30th: Autism Awareness Week Day 2 * Featuring Triathlete Sam Holness

Wednesday March 31st: Autism Awareness Week Day 3 * Featuring Comedian Robert White

Thursday April 1st: Autism Awareness Week Day 4 * Featuring YOU!


To join the events

You need to be registered with Bromley Well Autism service. This is free, contact Lauren Titheridge on 0759 704 8674 or email

About Bromley Well Autism Service

We support people aged 16 and over through one-to-one appointments, assisting in meetings or contacting organisations. We give information, guidance and support, and we have recently supported people with benefits appeals, applying for housing and budgeting.

Contact Lauren Titheridge if you would like any more information about the Autism service. Phone or text 0759 704 8674 or email