Bromley & Croydon Women's Aid ‘Drop in Coffee Mornings’ 

Come and join the Bromley & Croydon Women's Aid ‘Drop in Coffee Mornings’ for female victims & survivors of domestic abuse who are over 50 and living in the borough of Bromley.

Never Too Late aims to

  • Reduce stress & isolation
  • Increase the self-confidence.


When and where?

The Coffee Mornings take  place every Thursday between 10.30 -12.30 in Penge. 

To find out more please contact BCWA on 020 8313 9303. You can access this service directly or via a support worker - see below.

Helping women over 50 to build resilience, empowerment, self- esteem and confidence, along with workshops on specific relevant topics, working towards overcoming the barriers faced by older women in accessing support.

The support provided will focus on a series of overarching themes to help tackle barriers like social stigma, accessibility concerns and family dynamics, including:

  • why it is hard to leave & the sense of guilt
  • families and children
  • boundaries
  • self-care
  • coping with grief, fear, guilt and anger
  • introduction to assertiveness, and healthy relationships.

Through peer support there will also be a strong emphasis on creating support networks and reducing isolation. 

 For Professionals

Referrals are open & referral forms are available from the BCWA website. or download it here.

Download information sheet for professionals here