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Young Carers Book Club (Online Via Zoom)

Wednesday 20 March 2024
16:30 to 17:30

It's the return of our favourite Virtual Book Club! 

Come and join us every Wednesday afternoon on Zoom from 4.30pm-5.30pm starting Wednesday 15th November. We will offer you the chance to read aloud, or you can enjoy listening and following alone - all from the comfort of home!

You all voted, and the results are in... we will be reading Spaceboy by David Walliams.


Spaceboy by David Walliams

America. The 1960s. Ruth loves climbing trees, making a mess and throwing stones. But the thing she loves most is SPACE. The girl is OBSESSED. She spends her days reading comics about alien invasions, doodling UFOs, watching B-movies about Earth being invaded by creatures from Mars... and gazing at the stars through her old, battered telescope. Until one night, Ruth creeps out of bed in the attic room of her rickety old farmhouse to watch the stars - and is just dozing off when she spots something blazing across the sky. Something that looks like a flying saucer! Is she dreaming? No! And the flying saucer is on fire... But when the UFO crash-lands in the cornfield, and Ruth rushes to help, she finds a mystery - and an adventure - beyond her wildest dreams...

Spaceboy has a recommended reading age from 8-11 years old, but we encourage any ages to join us. 

Contact Seher Khan
Online Via Zoom
Cost Free but you need to be registered with the Bromley Well Young Carers Service