Coping with Caring During COVID-19 (part 1/2)

Tuesday 16 February 2021
10:30 to 12:00

Are you caring for or supporting another adult living in Bromley?

zoomThen we invite you to join us for a two-part programme, designed especially to support carers during the pandemic period.

Our Coping with Caring During COVID-19 course will run throughout February 2021, and you are welcome to join us for whichever session you feel will be most beneficial, although we strongly recommend attending both if you are able to really benefit fully from the available support.

What to expect

In part one we will look at the way carers are coping with the demands of their caring role in the pandemic period, and will invite conversation around ways to support those activities.

In addition we will talk about ways to understand and manage feelings of anxiety, low mood and overwhelm.

In part two, we’ll explore more practical problems that may have occurred during the pandemic around caring, and discuss together some solution that could help you move forward. Finally we will get the chance to include some important self-care tips that are just for you to help you stay well throughout the months ahead.

All attendees will receive our new CARING DURING COVID-19 booklet, and be invited to join our weekly coffee afternoons to remain connected with those they have met throughout the series.

Who is leading this?

A mental health professional will lead this course from the Bromley Well Mental Health and Wellbeing Service.

How do I register?

You can register for this event by emailing, and confirming the dates you would like to attend.

Where will it take place?

We will be offering this course via Zoom. If you are unfamiliar with Zoom, please let us know that when you register and our team will contact you ahead of the session to get you up and running.

 Dates and times:

Part 1 is available on Tuesdays 9th, 16th and 23rd Feb from 10.30am-12 noon.

Part 2 is available on Wednesdays 10th and 17th and 24th Feb from 10.30am-12 noon.

You only need to attend each part once! We look forward to seeing you.

Contact Mental Wellbeing Team
Cost Free but don't forget - you need to be registered with Bromley Well