Volunteer at Bromley Well's partner charity

Join a dedicated team of volunteers helping at Citizens Advice Bromley, helping provide Bromley Well's Advice Service. Please get in touch recruitment@citizensadvicebromley.org.uk


 Bromley Well Contact Centre Telephone Assessors

These volunteers take initial telephone calls from clients, clarify the issues requiring help and direct them to the appropriate source of support, either with Bromley Well Advice Service or other local agencies.  Telephone assessors then have to record the conversation on to an online database.  A clear and sympathetic telephone manner is required and as well as experience of handling telephone calls in a busy environment.

Time commitment of 1 day (or two half days) a week for minimum of 4 months. Training programme takes about around 1 month.


 Gateway Assessor Trainee

Gateway assessors help clients clarify their issues and support them with relevant information, either online, telephone or face to face (on hold during COVID)  Gateway Assessors can also continue on to our Adviser Training Programme.

Time commitment - 2 days a week for minimum of 12 months. Training programme takes about between 4-6 months.


 General Adviser trainees

General Advisers give more in depth advice to clients over one or more interviews, write letters on client's behalf, etc. 

Time commitment of 2 days a week for minimum of 24 months. Training programme takes about between 9 - 12 months. 



Across all departments – main office, other service points in the borough, human resources, casework support, research and campaigns, minute takers etc. 

Time commitment of 1- 2 days (depending on role) a week for minimum of 4 months. Training programme takes around 1 month.

All these roles require good computer skills, written and verbal communication skills.

For further information regarding current volunteer opportunities please email: recruitment@citizensadvicebromley.org.uk

Thank you for your interest in volunteering!