Long term health conditions support services

This service will support people aged 19+, who have a long term health condition or chronic disease. People with long term conditions are those that have been diagnosed with an illness for which there is no known cure but which can be managed through lifestyle and medical interventions.

The service will support people identified as being most affected by long term health conditions and / or not accessing services e.g. older adults, people living in deprived areas and those with multiple long term conditions.To do this effectively the service will work closely with health and social care professionals to ensure that it is supporting the appropriate group of service users.

This service will provide practical, emotional and planning support options that support and strengthen the self-management of their conditions and increase their resilience.  For those people identified as being most affected by long term health conditions and / or not accessing services the support includes assistance with:

  • Facilitating access to services that are better placed to offer support


If such services are not available the Bromley Well service will provide assistance with:

  • Information, advice and guidance

  • The delivery of self-management courses

  • Ongoing support service users who have long term support needs

  • The delivery of condition specific self-management programmes

  • Co-production of personalised support and care plans with service users

  • Support to improve access to self-management programmes

  • Handyman service for low level adaptations

  • 1-2-1 support that will be delivered over the phone, instant messaging and face to face support

  • Provide home visits in exceptional circumstances

  • Peer support groups & peer health mentors

  • Support to develop Carers Emergency Plans and Emergency Cards


The service will also promote awareness and understanding of what challenges are faced by people with long term health conditions throughout the borough through training and engagement with health and social care professionals, as well as wider organisations.