Sitting service - support for up to 24 hours after you leave hospital

Bromley Well provides 24 hour post hospital discharge support for Bromley residents. This free service is for vulnerable adults and mildly frail older people who live alone in the community and do not have anyone to go to for help. 

We'll be with you for up to 24 hours after you leave hospital, helping you to regain confidence and independence in your own home. 

We can provide personal care (regulated by the Care Quality Commission) companionship and help to recuperate. 

If you need such support please ask your nurse or GP about a referral to this service.

Professionals who can refer include:

Hospital staff from wards, Clinical Decision Unit, Discharge Lounge, Emergency Department or Urgent Care at Princess Royal University Hospital and the Frailty Unit at Orpington Hospital, the Transfer of Care Bureau and Bromley Local Authority staff, including GPs and Social Care Practitioners.

Please get in touch, Monday - Friday 9-5pm or call 07983 902432. 

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